!!Con 2017 Notes

My second time at the conference about the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing!

06 May 2017

Listed in the same order as the program.

Day 1 Keynote

Cyborgs Unite! (Karen Sandler)

Session 1

Serious programming with jq?! A practical and purely functional programming language! (Charles Chamberlain)

Finding Friends in High Dimensions: Locality-Sensitive Hashing For Fun and Friendliness! (Aaron Levin)

What alien invaders, birds, and computer simulations have in common: flocking!! (Jan Mitsuko Cash)

I wrote to a dead address in a deleted PDF, and now I know where all the airplanes are (Jason McIntosh)

Session 2

Requiem for a nemesis! (Nick Sullivan)

Glk! A universal user interface! for interactive fiction! (Andrew Plotkin)

How do Keyboards Work? HIDing, in Plain Sight!! (Scott Vokes)

Making Mushrooms Glow! (Bomani McClendon)

Session 3

Why So Loud! Geeking Out on Airline Data, Physics and Mapping (Ewan Dennis)

Writing NES games! with assembly!! (Christian Joudrey)

The TOP 5 Queer Feminist Cyberpunk Manifestos! (Jean Cochrane)

Corruption in the Data Center! TCP can fail to keep your data safe! (Evan Jones)

Session 4

What the heck time is it?!? (Joel Potischman)

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of this excellent talk because I was busy freaking out about my own talk. Here are the parts I remember:

HDR photography in Microsoft Excel?! (Kevin Chen)

I got the computer to find words with good anagrams and throw away the boring ones!! (Mark Dominus)

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