!!Con 2018 Notes

A conference about the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing!

!!Con is a conference held every spring in New York City. It’s two days of lightning talks that can be about anything related to computers!

This conference is a great showcase of the diverse backgrounds of the NYC tech scene. I’m really going to miss it when I move back to the Bay Area.

A stage with a projector showing the name of the conference on a blue background


Day 1 Keynote

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Mimi Onuoha

Session 1

Telling stories with traceroute!

Karla Burnett

Tales of ⌧! Can You Tell Your Story When Your Character Is Undefined?!

Persa Zula

Turning Google Earth into SimCity 2000! (From Light to Pixels to Impossible Perspectives!)

Logan Williams

We built a map to aggregate real-time flood data in under two days!

Aruna Sankaranarayanan

Session 2

Moving towards dialogue: collaborating with your computer using typed holes!

Vaibhav Sagar

Compressing the Library of Babel!

David Turner

It’s super effective! Solving Pokémon Blue with a single, huge regular expression

Alex Clemmer

Transform live video streams with code and a REPL!!

Mark Wunsch

Session 3

Creating an Arabic Programming Language!

Ahmed Abdalla

Evil Twins and the Secret Lives of Linkers!

Josh Bowman-Matthews

Satellites are talking to us! Let’s hear them out!

Ed Medvedev

The joys of PICO-8 token crunching!! Or: what I learned about programming from being restricted on every side!

Ayla Myers

Session 4

UX for Cats and Dogs!

Joel Potischman

If you could solve this word tile puzzle, you could solve the halting problem! (Too bad you can’t!)

Kamal Marhubi

So THAT’S how my phone knows where I am!

Mike Lazer-Walker

Day 2 Keynote

Build skills through hobbies! Bring them to work!

Liz Fong-Jones

Session 5

Relativistic Software Calendars: It’s About Time!

John Feminella

Undo all the things!

Tom Ballinger

Estimating the Value of Pi with a Dartboard and (Not so Much) Luck!

Stephen Tu

Ray-tracing and special relativity: Rendering objects near the speed of light!

Lucy Zhang

Session 6

Talking to my past self (without introducing temporal paradoxes!)

Andrew Louis

Four fake filesystems!

Omar Rizwan

Using Postgres to \watch Star Wars!

Will Leinweber

If at first you don’t succeed at beating HQ Trivia, try cheating!!

Hung Truong

Session 7

The Man Comes Around: and so does his sound!

Vince Allen

Step by Step: Algorithms that teach you math!

Evy Kassirer

Whoa, pictures! A visual history of visual programming languages!

Emily Nakashima

Fast, but not too fast! What 17th-century windmills can teach us about database migrations

Wander Hillen

Session 8

The itty, bitty, tiny bytes that make up a Pokémon!

Jan Mitsuko Cash

Pseudofractals! Accidental aesthetics where math meets pixels

Jes Wolfe!

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