Inferring Cruise occupancy from Kyle Vogt’s fleet dashboard screenshot

I figured out what the car icons mean.

04 Jan 2023


Last month, Kyle Vogt (CEO of Cruise) tweeted a screenshot of Cruise’s fleet management dashboard:

Eagle-eyed commenters noticed there were several types of vehicle icons and wondered whether they had any meaning.

A screenshot of a map of San Francisco with vehicle and headphone icons overlaid

Full-resolution image from Kyle’s tweet.

Cruise’s letter to the CPUC

The answer has been hiding in plain sight. Two weeks later, on December 16, 2022, Cruise submitted an Advice Letter (PDF, 23 MB) to the California Public Utilities Commission. They were requesting an expansion of Cruise’s driverless deployment permit.

Page 48 contains a screenshot of Cruise’s fleet monitoring dashboard:

6.3. Fleet Monitoring and Learning

Cruise continuously monitors its driverless fleet while it is in operation. Cruise uses a suite of internal tools to oversee its fleet of Cruise AVs, including information about each Cruise AV on the road, such as their current location, operating condition and passenger states.

A screenshot of a map of San Francisco with vehicle and headphone icons overlaid

Figure 24: Cruise internal fleet monitoring tool (provided as example; actual may vary)

The key shows:

I’m assuming occupied vs. vacant indicates whether the vehicle currently carries a passenger.

Note that the numbers in this image don’t add up, suggesting it might be a mockup rather than the live app. For example:

Interpreting Kyle’s screenshot

We now have a snapshot of Cruise’s ridership at some unknown time on the night of November 29, 2022.

Note that the number of vehicles may be undercounted because:

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