Hello, world.

09 Dec 2010

Hello, world.

So I’ve decided to start blogging again. Why? I don’t know. Maybe there’s something appealing to me about pressing little square keys to create letters in a gray box on the computer screen. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of the trackpad beneath my fingers as I click the roundrect publish button, and set off a series of electronic pulses that send my thoughts flying into the internet. Perhaps it’s because writing more helps me improve the organization of my often disjointed and random thoughts. Whatever it is, here I am, writing another introductory post. 

It’s been several years since I’ve blogged. While my blogging adventures are not as crazy as those of Daylen’s, I’ve experimented and played with various blogging and CMS platforms over the years. And I’ve liked none of them. But, for whatever reason, there is an inkling of a hope this time that Tumblr is here to stay. 

P.S. I hope to have a real domain sometime soon. 

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