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Do you enjoy programming in an actually good language? Are you a fan of even-toed ungulates? If so, the OCaml shirt is the perfect shirt for you!

It comes in a bewildering variety of colors and styles. And it’s made from top-notch stuff: vector graphics printed on American Apparel or Teespring Premium (depending on color).

US orders will arrive before Christmas, making it a fantastic gift for that functional programmer who seems to have everything. (Non-US orders will probably arrive before Christmas, but I can’t say for sure.)

Proceeds, if any, will be donated to the EFF(This sale is not affiliated with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.)


Why did you make these? I was jealous of F# and Swift programmers and wanted an OCaml shirt. It’s expensive to print just one — so, here we are.

Doesn’t this violate copyright? Nope! The logo is public domain.

Why should I buy it? Top five reasons to own an OCaml shirt:

  1. People will automatically assume you are a good programmer.
  2. Wearing the shirt helps you find other OCaml programmers, so we can keep each other safe in this harsh, mutable world.
  3. You can use it to impress people of the relevant gender(s).
  4. You ran out of clean clothes and don’t feel like doing laundry.
  5. Gluten free!

What if I have more questions? I have more answers: @kevinchen

OCaml programmers review the OCaml shirt

Hi, the design does not look really attractive.
—Chan N.

I actually quite like the fact that there is no text; I find it more elegant and it shows that the logo works.
—Daniel B.

…T-shirts with that design could be confused with cigarette advertising…
—Oliver B.

Lovely shirts, but I hope you are not serious about that five reasons you provided.
—Runhang L.

I’ll definitely ask for a refund if it’s not gluten-free.
—Martin J.

EFF Donation

There was a lot more interest in the OCaml shirt than I expected. We sold so many that we hit the next Teespring price break, accidentally raising US$51 for the EFF.

Teespring dashboard showing $50.97 profit for OCaml Programming Language Shirt

EFF donation receipt. Dear Kevin, Thank you for donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation! Your contribution of $51.00 has a direct impact on worldwide digital freedom.

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