WWDC 2017 Notes

My notes from the sessions I attended at the developer conference

09 Jun 2017

Tuesday, June 6

What’s New in Cocoa Touch (Session 201)

Introducing Drag and Drop (Session 203)

From Monroe to NASA (Session 106)

Introducing Core ML (Session 703)

Introducing HEIF and HEVC (Session 503)

Introducing ARKit: Augmented Reality for iOS (Session 603)

Wednesday, June 7

Capturing Depth in iPhone Photography (Session 507)

Thursday, June 8

Core ML in depth (Session 710)

Image Editing with Depth (Session 508)

Friday, June 9

What’s new in Apple File System (Session 715)

Introducing Business Chat (Session 240)

Working with HEIF and HEVC (Session 511)

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